Orthodontics is a specialized area of dental care that focuses on correcting dental and jaw irregularities, usually during the teenage years when your secondary teeth are still coming in. This period is optimal for treatment because the body is still growing, making the teeth more susceptible to alignment.

Orthodontic treatment can significantly impact a teen’s life, enhancing not only their smile but also their confidence. We believe in a personalized approach, recognizing that each teen’s dental needs and preferences are unique. Our goal is to work closely with our young patients and their families to design a treatment plan that addresses dental concerns while accommodating lifestyle and activities.

Teen orthodontics goes beyond achieving a beautiful smile. It can also improve oral health making your teeth easier to clean. Additionally, correcting bite issues can prevent more severe problems in the future, such as abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, jaw joint issues and difficulty in chewing.

Our practice offers a range of orthodontic treatments tailored to the needs of teenagers. From traditional braces to clear aligners, we provide options that suit different preferences and lifestyles. During the initial consultation, we conduct a thorough examination, including imaging, to determine the most effective treatment plan. Our team takes the time to explain the process, what to expect and how to care for orthodontic appliances, ensuring teens and their parents are fully informed and comfortable with the journey ahead.

We also recognize the importance of a supportive environment. Orthodontic treatment can be a significant adjustment and our staff is committed to making this experience as positive and seamless as possible. We encourage open communication, allowing teens to express their concerns and preferences throughout their treatment.

Adapting to life with orthodontics is a key part of the treatment process. We provide comprehensive guidance on how to maintain oral hygiene, manage discomfort and choose foods that are braces friendly. Our practice is also equipped with the latest technology, reducing the frequency of office visits and the overall treatment time.

In our practice, teen orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth. We are dedicated to supporting our young patients through every step of their orthodontic journey, ensuring they achieve the best possible outcomes with confidence and comfort. Together, we can make the teen years a time of positive transformation, resulting in smiles that are not only beautiful but healthy for years to come.

If you or your teen are considering orthodontic treatment in Reno, Nevada, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Tomas de Bruin, by calling 775-826-1838. Let us be a part of shaping a brighter, healthier future.