At our dental practice, we understand that a beautiful, healthy smile knows no age limit. This is why we are proud to offer comprehensive orthodontic solutions tailored specifically for adults. Embracing orthodontic treatment as an adult can not only enhance your smile’s appearance but also improve oral health and function. Orthodontics for adults has evolved significantly over the years, making it easier and more convenient than ever to achieve the smile you have always desired. Whether you are looking to correct teeth that are crowded, misaligned or have spacing issues, our dedicated team is here to guide you through your smile transformation journey with care and expertise.

We believe that every individual’s orthodontic needs are unique. Our approach is to work closely with you to understand your specific concerns and goals. During your consultation with Dr. Tomas de Bruin, we will discuss the various treatment options available and recommend a personalized plan that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Our goal is to ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with your treatment plan, every step of the way.

One common concern among adults considering orthodontics is the visibility of braces. We are pleased to offer a range of discreet treatment options that minimize the appearance of orthodontic devices, allowing you to feel more confident during your treatment. From clear aligners to ceramic braces that blend with the natural color of your teeth, we ensure that you do not have to compromise on aesthetics while achieving a healthier, straighter smile.

Embarking on orthodontic treatment can also have a profound impact on your oral health. Not only are they easier to clean, but addressing bite issues can alleviate undue stress on your jaw joints and muscles, potentially preventing jaw pain and headaches.

Our dentist and team are committed to making your orthodontic journey as comfortable and rewarding as possible. We understand that adult life is busy, which is why we offer flexible scheduling and treatment plans that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

We take pride in seeing our patients achieve the smile they have always wanted. If you are considering adult orthodontics in Reno, Nevada, we invite you to schedule your next consultation by calling 775-826-1838. Together, we can explore the possibilities for your smile and take the first step towards a healthier, more confident you.