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Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation with Physiologic DentistryFull Mouth Rehabilitation Reno NV

It takes more than regular cleanings and the occasional filling to achieve strong oral health. And your oral health plays a key role in maintaining the overall health of your entire body. Many patients who've experienced trauma, illness, bite irregularities, and even common wear and tear are also undergoing other chronic health problems that they don't realize began in their mouth. Tooth grinding, TMJ, periodontitis, and odd-shaped or missing teeth can combine to bring about headaches and migraines, earaches, toothaches, chronic bad breath, and a variety of head and neck pain.

Dr. de Bruin will discuss your symptoms, concerns, and goals. After a thorough examination, including digital X-rays, photos, and imprints of your mouth, he will review treatment options and build a plan to address your obstacles for reaching ideal dental health.

Dr. de Bruin has been trained comprehensively in physiologic dentistry. We've effectively treated many patients who have pursued relief from their pain from physicians, chiropractors, and neurologists only to be told they're a difficult case. Physiologic dentistry entails specific treatment procedures that deal with your jaw joints and how your teeth mesh together. The proper alignment of your teeth and jaws allows the resulting stresses upon your mouth, head, and shoulders to begin to ease as well.

Don't worry, we encourage phased treatment and offer financial planning that will put your perfect smile within reach. At de Bruin Dental Center, we want your teeth to last a lifetime!

If you have been living with the pain and discomfort described above, we invite you to click the Online Scheduling button or call us now at (775) 826-1838 to discover the benefits that these treatments may bring to your quality of life.

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