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Our Patients Say the Nicest Things!

Dental Patient"I was satisfied with my smile some time ago. But things change, and my front teeth began to wear – they were getting ground down and I was having lots of sensitivity. I wasn't sure what to do! I wasn't really interested in having some kind of drastic cosmetic change. I just wanted my familiar, comfortable smile back.

I had been coming to Dr. de Bruin for general dentistry and I always felt secure with him. He listens and truly cares about what his patients want and need.

When I asked him about the grinding and sensitivity, he knew exactly what to do.

He gave me the most natural looking upper veneers I could imagine. They instantly brought my teeth back to their natural, healthy length without looking artificial and without discomfort. I have told everyone about this wonderful procedure.

I couldn't be happier!"

–Angela Petta, Retired


Dental Patient"My teeth were very small and I had a gap between my two front teeth. Bill Lynch was my personal trainer, and knowing how self-conscious I felt about my teeth, he recommended that I talk to Dr. de Bruin. I think it is very important to choose a dentist that is highly recommended by someone you know. I am very particular – I know what I want and like, and I certainly was never disappointed by my experience with Dr. de Bruin and his team.

Everyone in the practice is very professional, very consistent and they really aim to please. I told them what I wanted and they went out of their way to meet my needs.

A smile is one of the first things people notice and Dr. de Bruin's fabulous work has really taken my smile to the next level."



"I had teeny, tiny teeth. They were yellow and one was even missing. I had TMJ pain, but worst of all, my friend told me that I had the ugliest teeth. I did not want to go through 20 years of denture misery the way my mother did.

I have a terrible fear of dentists, but I decided to talk to Dr. de Bruin. Because of all of my worn down teeth, we decided on full mouth rehabilitation. He and his team were so patient with me. They never pressured me or made me feel silly. They gave me lots of time to relax and even did some of my dentistry standing up at times when I was too panicky to lie down in the chair. They did whatever it took to get me through my appointment. At one of my appointments, I even fell asleep during the procedure! That is the best testament to his care and to his team.

When we finished they showed me my new teeth in the mirror and my knees just buckled! My teeth were so pretty!"

–Patti Chastain, Real Estate Agent


Dental Patient Reno NV"Both my daughter and I had our teeth damaged in car accidents. The work we had done to repair the damage was just adequate. My front teeth didn't match. They were so bad that my daughter pointed out that my teeth were different colors. Since I am always in the public eye for my job, I wanted badly to have the work redone to look more natural and attractive.

I was looking for someone advanced in his approach to dentistry when I found Dr. de Bruin in a magazine. Once I met him, I knew I had made the right choice. I felt right at home. Dr. de Bruin is not only well educated in cosmetic dentistry, he is very personable and his team is warm and friendly. Each visit was so pleasant that I actually looked forward to my appointments!

Dr. de Bruin performed such a beautiful and natural looking full mouth rehabilitation that people who saw me were not sure what about me had changed. They thought I had lost weight or changed my hairstyle when really, what they were noticing was my radiant, new smile!"

–Sandra Currie, School Lecturer – SHARE Program

Dental Patient Testimonial"All of a sudden, at age 40, my smile started to shift. I was especially noticing the changes in photos – there were gaps in my smile! It was really bothering me and making me feel self-conscious. I wanted someone I could trust.

I absolutely made the right choice! Dr. de Bruin is so responsive and understanding and everyone at de Bruin Dental Center is phenomenal and pays close attention to all of my concerns with great detail.

I never told anybody I had cosmetic dentistry done and now people are always commenting on how nice my smile looks!

This is the place to go for the best in natural-looking dentistry!"

–Fanny O'Connor, Lasik of Nevada Director


Dental Patient"My teeth were always unusually small, so small, in fact, that I had veneers placed when I was very young. The last veneers placed looked like 'Chiclets' and I was beginning to feel quite self-conscious. Dr. de Bruin replaced my veneers with new veneers on my upper and lower arches.

I have spent a lot of time at the dentist and have never been particularly unhappy with any of my former dentists. But, I must say Dr. de Bruin is special. He is very understanding about my situation and always accommodating. I also love his team because they go out of their way to make me feel at home and comfortable. Now my teeth are beautiful. I think they look healthy and natural, and that is exactly what I always wanted!"

–Michelle French, Mother & Math Tutor


Dental Patient Reno NV"I had tiny baby teeth with bonding that was 20 years old and they were terribly stained and yellow. My wife, on the other hand, has a beautiful smile but she never pushed me about how my smile looked. One day, one of my daughters said to me, "Daddy, your teeth are all dirty!" I decided right then that it was time to have something done.

I found Dr. de Bruin on the Internet and I went in for visit. I was very impressed. I looked closely at Dr. de Bruin's procedures and I examined the before and after results and found myself very pleased. His team was very accommodating and made me feel right at home. They are very professional and it is obvious that they have a great time together in the office. The entire practice is at a different level. This is a boutique style office and it offers something very unique and special.

I decided to have eight upper veneers placed and the results in my smile are amazing! I am moving up in my company and I feel that the improvement in my smile has improved my professional life as well."

–Russell Oliver, Warehouse Manager


Dental Patient"My teeth were crooked and I had a fang in my lower teeth. My smile was just a mess! I always hesitated before smiling and just gave little half smiles. Smiling was not enjoyable for me because of the way my teeth looked. I went to Dr. de Bruin for general dentistry. While I was sitting in the waiting room I noticed that I was surrounded by examples of the wide, gorgeous smiles he had created with cosmetic dentistry. I have always put my kids first, but they are all grown now. As I sat there, I realized it was finally time for me and my smile.

Dr. de Bruin has such a wonderful, caring personality. He is caring as a human being and not just a doctor. His attitude just flows out into his entire team. They are a joy to be around. Dr. de Bruin presented all of my different options and I decided on a full mouth reconstruction. It was the best decision! It has changed my whole demeanor. I am much more outgoing now and for the first time in my life, I am not afraid to smile!"

–Sandy Englant, RC Willey

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