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Children's Dentistry

We Care About Kids!Kids Dental Care in Reno NV

At de Bruin Dental Center, we work to alleviate your child's concerns before starting any kind of treatment. You can be confident that your child will benefit from the latest improvements in children's dentistry – practices intended to diminish their time in the chair, delivered with caring, thoughtfulness, and compassion. We love encouraging proper dental care routines, and look forward to coaching your children on how to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. Bring them in for their first dental visit when they cut their first tooth, and see why our many happy parents declare our office a fun place their children love to visit. Whether you have an anxious two-year-old or a rowdy three-year-old, we are here to help you.

Protecting Vulnerable Teeth

Children's teeth are more prone to cavities than adults. They tend not to brush properly, and they tend to eat frequently during the day. Acid is produced in the mouth when eating and when teeth are not as clean as they should be. Subsequently, plaque tends to develop more rapidly, which will hasten the rate of cavity development. We encourage parents to supervise their children's daily dental routine until they can clean their teeth accurately by themselves. We explain how to make better nutritional choices to help maintain their teeth and offer the application of a fluoride varnish to mineralize their teeth to drastically reduce their potential for sustaining a cavity.

Preventing Child Tooth Decay – the Easy Way!Preventive Dental Sealants - Reno NV Dentist

No matter what our age, doing an adequate job of brushing our teeth isn't always easy. Even with scrupulous brushing, we can miss the deep grooves in the back teeth. This allows bacteria, acid, and plaque to remain, which will trigger decay. And once the tooth has decay, it is compromised permanently and will require a filling or a crown.

The use of dental sealants can offset a child's challenges with brushing correctly, safeguarding their teeth from harm. The steps are harmless, painless, and take just a few minutes to complete. After the tooth (or teeth) is cleansed and sterilized, a thin layer of a white or clear plastic sealant is brushed on the tooth. Then a curing light is directed at the sealant to bond it into place. This simple technique requires no shots, drills, or the reduction of any tooth structure. Applying dental sealants is one of the best defensive actions both children and adolescents can have done to preserve their natural teeth!

Starting Early, A Full Range of Orthodontic Options

You trust Dr. de Bruin to handle all your child's normal dental care. Why not orthodontics? He sees children at the most important ages, between 6 and 11, when they have a combination of baby and permanent teeth, and his in-depth knowledge of craniofacial growth and development allows him to recognize and remedy airway problems, growth problems, and teeth and jaw disharmony early, saving you money.

Early adjustments by a trained dentist can save thousands of dollars as opposed to seeing a specialist later and avert unnecessary removals of permanent teeth as a teen. Dr. de Bruin can adjust for early crowding of front teeth, crossbites in the back teeth, and disparity of the upper and lower jaws, thus correcting these in less than 6 to 18 months, when done prior to their arrival at the teenage years.

Physiologic Dentistry is for Kids Too!Children's Dentistry in Reno NV

Kids grow up so quickly! There is such a short window of opportunity to assess growth and development in kids. Age 4-14 is the time when a child's face, airway, and posture are developing. Growth and development can be affected adversely by a compromised airway and breathing difficulties that can lead to poor facial development and skeletal and dental problems. Dr. de Bruin can assess and diagnose any problems that may lead up to these problems and can treat them so ideal facial, skeletal, and dental growth can happen to give beautiful-looking faces into teenage and adult years. Please see "Can mouth breathing hurt my health?" on the FAQ page.

Bite issues, headaches, facial pain, and trouble breathing are difficulties that don't just distress adults. Kids can have these problems too. Dr. de Bruin has been educated in Children's Physiologic Orthodontics at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and several other prestigious institutes. This comprehensive training focused on understanding facial development, skeletal misalignment, airway obstruction, and the significance of early intervention with specialized orthodontic treatment. Early discovery and treatment of bite problems and airway obstruction in children is extremely important to prevent these ailments from developing further and initiating additional problems.

Toothprints – The Next Generation in Childhood IdentificationToothprints - Childhoold Identification Reno NV

It's every parent's worst nightmare – a missing child. Finding them becomes the only thing that matters.

At de Bruin Dental Center, we offer Toothprints, which is an arch-shaped thermoplastic wafer used for making a dental impression. Your child bites down on the softened wafer for approximately one minute, much like what is done for orthodontics. Then you take home the hardened impression in a sealed plastic bag for safe-keeping. Not only do you now have a more complete dental identification, but you also have a DNA source for identification as well. In addition, saliva makes the wafer another option that can be used to provide an active means to bolster scent-dog tracking. We recommend having impressions updated annually.

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